Pillion or side car passenger

5 rules for carrying motorcycle passengers

Whether you’re a motorcycle passenger or a rider , it is crucial that you both take care of your safety and ride within the law.

Failing to do so can get you in trouble with the law or jeopardise your safety.

Motorcycle Law is here to make sure you’re doing the right thing when it comes to carrying passengers.

 Read on for 5 key rules for carrying motorcycle passengers in Queensland

They must wear a motorcycle helmet

Just like riders, passengers must properly wear an approved helmet.

No, they can’t leave it undone. And no, their bicycle helmet won’t do.

An ‘approved’ helmet means a helmet that complies with the relevant Australian standards or an equivalent UN standard. See Department of Transport and Main Road’s website for further details.

They must be able to reach the footrests

A passenger’s feet must be able to reach the passenger footrests while they are seated properly.

Additionally, they need to keep their feet on the footrests except when stretching or to raise themselves from the seat.

They cannot take control

This one seems obvious, but a passenger should not affect a rider’s control of the motorcycle.

The rider must remain in control, without interference from their passenger.

No pillions for learner riders

A rider cannot carry a pillion passenger if they are:

  • On a learner licence;
  • In their first year of their restricted licence;
  • On their restricted licence but learning to ride an unrestricted bike.

You need proper registration

If a rider intends to carry a passenger, they must have an appropriate bike set up (like pillion passenger footrests or a side car).

A rider must also ensure that their bike is properly registered. If a rider has modified their bike from a one seater to a two seater, they must make sure they hold the proper registration.

For further up to date passenger information, see the Department of Transport and Main Road’s website.

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