Will I be out of pocket?

A frequently asked question.


We can all agree that legal costs can be quite complicated and confusing.

Plus, there is a common perception that lawyers will bleed you dry. And we don't disagree, there are some firms that will do just that.

We want to help you better understand your fees.

​We also want to help you stay in complete​ control of your legal spend and save money by doing so by offering you a number of ways we charge.  

For starters, we pay for your Disbursements

Disbursements are the outlays (monies) that a law firm has spent in pursuing the compensation. They typically include payments for court fillings, medical experts and barrister’s fees. We will:

  • Pay for these for you until you have received compensation
  • Cover these costs from our own bank account, meaning lower charges for the service

We are happy to lend you our services. In addition to maximising your future money, we also want to save your current money. 

The benefits...

No Out-of-pocket expenses

​It isn't payable until the completion of your matter.
It is paid out of your settlement money, not out of your pocket.

Eliminates Stress

You do not have to worry about the financial burden of making a compensation claim... with our loans and benefits, we ensure you will never be financially worse off

More freedom
With our low-interest loans, you gain greater financial freedom by having a little extra cash in your pocket.
Hassle free

Our loans, payments, and other benefits to you are all hassle-free. They simply come out of your compensation once you receive it.