How assistive technology can help a young quadriplegic gain independence

Gaining independence after a life changing accident can often be the single hardest accomplishment someone makes.

And it so happens that it's the team at LifeTec's bread and butter. 

We sat down with Jennifer Poppe, an Occupational Therapist at LifeTec to discuss how they can assist someone with quadriplegia gain their independence. LifeTec is focused on delivering expert information and advise on assistive technology to maximise people independence and safety. 

Watch the video and read on to see how LifeTec helped Mitch, a young quadriplegic, gain his independence. 

Jennifer Poppe | Occupational Therapist

Mitch's Story


How did LifeTec work with Mitch to gain freedom and achieve greater independence?

We talked to Mitch to learn what his priorities and requirements were, we helped him explore and compare assistive technology options that might help him to achieve these goals evaluating the solutions that worked best for him.

What is involved in selecting the best assistive technology with each individual?

You need to know what’s possible using assistive technology, but on top of that you need to listen. Everyone’s situation is unique – it’s a collaborative effort.

What is involved in identifying each individual’s requirements and needs?

It’s actually pretty complex. Some people can tell you their goals, other people aren’t so sure. Talking about what others have done can give people ideas. It also helps to let people try things out for themselves and tell you what they like and don’t like.

The emergency call system is a great device. What are some other technologies that can enable people with quadriplegia?

What isn’t there! There are technologies to help you use a computer, enjoy the beach, or even to drive a car. Google Home and Amazon Echo are popular mainstream technologies for this group right now.

Thanks Jennifer.

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