Is Chronic Pain Causing Obesity?

31 years of practicing physiotherapy.

31 years to observe the characteristics and implications of various issues. 

31 years practicing for the link between chronic pain, particularly spinal or lower limb pain, and obesity to become apparent.

So, you've injured your lower back...

... and your GP says to go home and rest, lie down and do nothing.

Whilst helpful for say, 24 hours, it's important to get up and move! When your GP says rest, they don't mean rest on the couch for a week with a cheese platter and the whole season of Bachelor on repeat (although this does sound appetizing).

They mean relative rest - continuing to move as much as the pain allows, even if this is just between episodes! The movement will actually help with the healing process. As our pain lessens, we should begin activating the muscles that may have been inhibited by our pain. Retraining the muscles to work in the correct way in co-operation with other muscles is essential for normalising movement. 

But what does that have to do with obesity?

Well, not only does resting completely effect our road to recovery, but it also effects our mental well-being. The resting causes our muscle to cease, we become tight and weak - we struggle to even reach the remote now!  

It becomes a vicious cycle. 

People with pain as a result of inactivity can often become depressed. Depressed people turn to food for immediate comfort. The inactive human nearly always turns to food and drink, including alcohol. Screen time increases too.

You may have heard the term that "Sitting is the new Smoking”. Well it is true. Sitting all day can lead to Obesity, much like smoking can lead to cancer! 

so, what do you recommend? 

Something much like your favourite Bachy drinking game... but better.

The bachelor exercise game


  • "Here for the right reasons" is said
  • "I see myself falling for" is said
  • heart
    "Most dramatic season yet" is said

Stand up if:

  • Someone cries
  • There is a kiss
  • heart
    There is a visible show of jealousy 

walk for a minute if:

  • You see a rose
  • There is a hot tub date

call us if:

  • You're sick of playing silly games!

Of course, a curly haired guy and some simple exercises won't solve all your problems.

Our number one recommendation is seeing a Physiotherapist (sorry, Nick).  Physios focus on your body for now, and the future! That cheese platter is temporary - nobody wants to be Fat and in Pain.

Lets make sure it doesn’t happen to you!

You can book an appointment with a Graceville Physio 'Pain Slayer' online or call (07) 3278 1186.

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