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How Much Can You Recover in Legal Fees if You Win?

In This ArticleIntroductionThe Court’s Scale of CostsCompulsory Conference or TrialThe Compulsory Conference ProcessThe Trial ProcessThe Next Step 50% of personal injury claimants don’t realise that they could be awarded thousands to have their legal fees covered. TOP The crushing concern for most personal injury claimants is the fees they’ll face at the end of their […]

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Auditing Your Personal Injury Cost Agreement – Are You Leaving Money on the Table with Unrestricted Hourly Rates?

In this article:IntroductionThe Court’s Scale of CostsThe Step-By-Step Guide to Auditing Your Lawyer’s Cost Schedule​Part 1: PerusalsPart 2: Drafting DocumentsPart 3: Attendances​Putting it all Together Download: Cost Schedule AuditBefore starting, you should download this and print separate copies for each cost schedule you plan to audit. It’s no secret that the legal fraternity uses an array […]

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how to have the lowest cost lawyer manage your file

How to Have the Lowest Price Lawyer Manage Your File

When a personal injury claim can garner a fee of over $150,000, it’s understandable that lawyer’s fees can be seen as exorbitant. But, for the most part, the exorbitant costs are just a misunderstanding of ‘why’. In our previous article, “Why Are Lawyer’s So Expensive?” we delved into the costing explanation step-by-step, and breakdown the ‘why’ […]

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Understanding Lawyer’s Hourly Rates – Step by Step

‘Why are lawyers so expensive?!’It’s not an uncommon question to hear from those who are using their services.  Help for legal conveyancing. Help for marriage. Help for divorce. Help for business planning. Help for business disputes. Help for personal injuries. Nearly everyone will use a lawyer at some point in their life. And most people are going to […]

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Why Ignorance is Not Bliss

0 shares Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Let me tell you about Bob…. Bob is a 35 year old electrician living in Deception Bay, QLD with his wife and family. Bob loves a beer or two, particularly after a hard day’s work on site. It was a Thursday evening and Bob decided to go to the […]

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