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Will Having Undisclosed Income Affect My Compensation Claim?

It’s a pretty common thought that compensation claims can be invasive.First they want this detail from that doctor.Then they want this assessment from that psychologist.Then they want pay statements

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Will Receiving Centrelink or Other Benefits Affect My Claim?

Centrelink. The financial welfare service used by nearly a third of the Australian population.With so many people receiving benefits, it’s not a shock that one of our most commonly asked questions

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what is ctp insurance

What is CTP Insurance?

​*CTP laws vary between states and territories. The information in this article is in regard to Queensland law only. How is CTP different to comprehensive insurance?Most drivers will choose

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How Much Will It Cost for a Lawyer to Run My Personal Injury Claim?

How much does it cost to have a lawyer run my personal injury claim? 30%.It will cost you 30% of your gross settlement to have an MCW Legal lawyer WIN your personal injury claim. leave an online

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Mansions Aren’t Made of Straw

Rowan was finally building his dream home.The dream home he had imagined for years.Years of sketching on books. Tissues. Newspapers. Whatever was in reach at the time.“A patio at the back to smell the

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Monster’s Don’t Get to Live Happily Ever After

Dexter had always known.He had always known what lay beneath the surface of his skin.There was, of course, Dexter. Husband. Father. Hard worker. Dedicated. Blood splatter analyst by trade.​But there

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Fear Can Hold You a Prisoner

Andy was an honest man.Straight as an arrow. Vice president of the bank. Husband. Inmate number 37927.Inmate number 37927 at Shawshank State Penitentiary.We all know his story.He was a successful young

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Be a Beauty in a World of Beasts

We’ve all been there.When somebody thinks we’ve done something we haven’t.Or when they think we’re somebody we’re not.Much like Prince Adam. The Beast.A fine, young prince. Transformed into an

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Insurance is the Bread and Butter of Certainty

Naomi was sick of her phone. Like really sick of it. It broke after two years. What crock!She wanted to upgrade to the next model. But they insisted that her phone was too ‘damaged’.It had only

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Better Three Hours Too Soon than a Minute too Late

Jen was driving along the highway one day.Jen was driving along the highway when suddenly, her fuel light turned on.That painstaking, little red piece of piffle. Lit up. Demanding attention. Bane of her

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