At what point do I qualify for compensation?

A frequently asked question.


Injuries come in many shapes, types, and sizes.

Some are visible to the naked eye whilst others linger under the skin. 

Some will hang around for a day, some for a year, and some will never heal

When considering an event for compensation, two key elements are analysed:

  • Is your situation due to the fault of the defendant? 
  • Has the impact of the situation caused major or potential ongoing financial loss? 

If you fall under the both of the above criteria, it's highly likely you qualify for a successful compensation claim.

Remember, it may be a headache, or it may be a bruise, but it could be something much more than that.

Symptoms are not always instant and are valid to compensation claim for up to three years after the event.

Always get checked out by your GP no matter what your concern is.